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Kohala Food Hub's vision is to build a sustainable regional food system and agricultural model for the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, supporting our island's resilience, human health and welfare, ecosystems, and economy. Our collaborations with food hubs statewide, local government, agencies, community groups and non-profit organizations is central to our work of becoming more food secure and less reliant on imports throughout the Hawaiian Islands. In our region, we support our community’s goal of food self-sufficiency through creating sustainable economic development and scalable value-chain infrastructure, with a particular focus on supporting farms engaging in regenerative agriculture practices that preserve the land and waters for generations to come.

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Our Work

Kohala Food Hub, a 501(c)(3) organization providing services to our local food producers and community, has experienced exponential growth in our impact over the last two years. From January-August 2021 vs. 2023, we have increased:

  • Essential services for local food producers by 378%

  • Free food support for local households by 250%

  • Online customers by 179% 

  • Pounds of local food distributed by 226% 

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Our Core Values

We are dedicated to supporting our local farmers and food businesses by opening and maintaining retail, wholesale and institutional markets to provide consistent demand so they can spend more time on their farms and kitchens doing what they are expert at and scaling their businesses. We are dedicated to improving local food access so that all community members have access to the healthy and nutrient dense food they want and need, regardless of household income. We are dedicated to championing regenerative agriculture practices that preserve the land and waters for generations to come.

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