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Supporting Local Farmers, Producers & Backyard Growers

Kohala Food Hub staff work diligently to support our Farmers & Local Food Producers. By creating, sustaining, and growing access to larger markets, we provide consistent demand for A & B grade products, thus encouraging increased revenue streams, improved viability and profitability.


We do this by offering value chain infrastructure and coordination including:

  • Our Online Market 

    • Doorstep delivery service

    • Multiple pick-up locations across North and South Kohala

  • Wholesale Accounts

  • Free Food Programs

  • Value-Added Processing

  • Local Food Incubation:

    • Certified Kitchen & Equipment Rental (Coming Soon!)

    • Technical Assistance

  • Essential Infrastructure:

    • Wash Pack

    • Cold and dry storage

  • Administration:

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Customer Service


"The marketplace offers all sorts of goodies from Kohala - fruit, veggies, plant starts, honey, flowers, mac nuts, hot sauce, etc. Supporting local producers and eating super fresh food has never been easier."

Adrian S. Kohala Food Hub Customer

"As a very small and irregular producer who doesn't interface with consumers often, having Kohala Food Hub to help with distribution is incredible, and the service is easily worth the percentage charged. It's helpful to us to have a little income every once in a while to continue investing in what we need to grow food small-scale, and hopefully it's helpful to others to expand access to fresh local food. If it were not for this service provided by Kohala Food Hub, I don't think we could find the time to figure out how to sell these small quantities. We can only use and give away so many (we already did that), the rest would spoil. Thanks again for your help!"

Petunia's Food Garden, Local Producer


Click here to read more about joining our network of local farmers, backyard growers, and food businesses.

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