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Locally Grown, Locally Made, Locally Valued

17 Ranch

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17 Ranch was founded in 1949 by William KY Wong senior, he ranched cattle and farmed, producing an abundance of food while also working full time for Kohala Sugar Company. In 1988 his son, Bill Wong, continued ranching cattle and farming. Today Bill focuses on providing families with home-grown provisions cultivated on his lands in Kokoiki. Provisions on our market currently include super sweet golden navel oranges and arugula. He also raises cattle and sheep, and we hope to carry his fresh beef and lamb soon in addition to more salad items.

Ahualoa Family Farms

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It all started with a dream to get out of the hustle and bustle of California. As fourth-generation farmers and a passion for family, Ahualoa Family Farms took over and resurrected Hawaii's oldest mac nut factory in 2017. We've now put our many years of farming experience to work, having expanded the farming operation, with plans to start a macadamia tree nursery and plant new macadamia orchards.

Ahualoa Grown

We are a small family farm in Ahualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have market, tea and spice gardens at 2500ft in Ahualoa. We think of our farm and land as an ecosytem and do our best to maintain its health with minimal inputs, crop rotation, cover crops and diversity. Our produce and tea are grown using sustainable and organic methods. We source as many of our inputs on farm and as locally as possible.

Ancient Valley Growers


Farming has been a part of our family's heritage for generations. At Ancient Valley Growers, we are proud to continue this tradition and provide our clients with the same high-quality products and services that have been passed down from our ancestors. We are committed to promoting organic farming practices that are not only healthier for our customers, but also for the environment. Our products are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, ensuring that our clients receive the freshest and healthiest produce possible.We believe in supporting our local community and local businesses, as a part of our mission in bringing the highest quality produce to our customers. 

Ano'Ano Farms


Certified organic farm in Kamuela led by Max Bowman growing lettuces, broccoli and celery.



Our family farm is small and just getting started. This is the first time I've ever grown anything at this scale. My youngest daughter who is 2 years old is the main inspiration in getting started. She has a lot of food and environmental allergies and I believe one of the best ways to help her is by feeding her and my family with nutrient-dense/rich foods grown the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) way. I follow KNF practices using IMO in the soil and weekly fertilizing using the different inputs at the different stages of plant development. It brings me lots of joy being able to share with the community and provide nutrient dense food the natural farming way!



Dedicated to farming organically and with love, Grammy's Garden is run by North Kohala resident Shandelle Levine and her 'ohana. 


Laura La Gassa and Brendan McDougall are the hard-working farmers behind Hale Nalukea. They grow avocados, citrus, plantains, chili peppers, 'ulu (breadfruit), and more. 


Hāmākua Coast Premium was founded by a pair of Hawai`i bartenders inspired to make better cocktails by using local ingredients. Brandon Ventura and Kalei Jury have been friends for 15 years and have been bartending at resorts on the Kohala Coast for almost as long. That’s a lot of Mai Tais under their belts. After years of serving vacationers drinks made with artificial syrups made as far away as Florida and Kuala Lumpur, they thought they could do better. Kalei explains that the concept is simple, “we have some of the best raw ingredients here in Hawai`i, why don’t we use them in making drinks.”


Hawaii Royal Hemp's CBD products have the only Kohala grown hemp CBD and include the healthy full spectrum of compounds found in hemp oil to support the entourage effect. For 41 years, they have been farming organically and regeneratively in Hawaii and were issued the first licenses to grow hemp by the State in May, 2018 and the US Departments of Agriculture in October, 2020. This family owned and operated farm hand-crafts all their value added products. Depending on the season, look for our produce on Food Hub website - it's nutritionally grown!



Our organic farm and garden sanctuary was created in the spirit of Lokahi (harmony and balance within and without). Located on 10 lush acres in the historic North Kohala district, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary (LGS) is a tropical botanical paradise and a working (non-certified) organic farm.



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Hawai’i Institute of Pacific Agriculture (HIP Agriculture) is a conscious movement of inspired individuals living a model of sustainability through direct engagement with the land, providing service to local youth, adults and community. HIP Agriculture operates a diverse farm that cultivates tropical and rare fruits, Polynesian traditional crops, and market garden vegetables. The farm serves as an educational & ecological learning center for all ages, offering Regenerative Farmer Training Programs, Farm Field Trips, Community Workshops, and Farm to School class offerings. A large portion of the farm is dedicated to cultivating local staple crops such as kalo (taro), ‘ulu (breadfruit), cassava, plantains, and cocoyams. The market gardens grow a wide range of vegetables including lettuce, dark leafy greens, root vegetables like carrots, beets, and radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other specialty vegetables. 

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Honoka'a Chocolate Company

At Honoka'a Chocolate we help people better understand the world of artisan, small-batch chocolate by joyfully sharing our knowledge and guiding people through extraordinary chocolate experiences that change their chocolate worldview with every amazing bite. As Hawaii's most awarded chocolate company our motto is to "change the way you think about chocolate".  With over 40 awards since 2020 from prestigious competitions such as the International Chocolate Awards, the Academy of Chocolate awards, the Good Food Awards, and Chocolate Alliance Awards, we serve premier chefs and chocolate connoisseurs across the state of Hawaii and the mainland US using only the finest Organic and Fair Trade ingredients in our chocolates. 


Huapala Farm of North Kohala is on a 21-acre parcel much of which is untouched jungle.  We have three orchards.  The upper orchard contains most of our citrus, Blue Java bananas, avocado, and desert guavas. The lower orchard has many avocados, and some more exotic fruits like black & white sapote, 'ulu, longon, lychee, jackfruit, just to name a few. Our third orchard is the apple-banana orchard. The farm is solely run by a husband and wife duo!



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Island Harvest is a certified organic farm growing macadamia nuts on over 700 acres in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. The macadamias are sold wholesale in-shell to various processors on the Big Island, where they are roasted and made into delicious products sold worldwide. Island Harvest also uses a small portion of their crop to make value-added products.

We believe that farming should be done with a holistic approach that cares for the land, trees, workers, and community. We are committed to organic and sustainable farming methods that eliminate the use of potentially harmful chemicals and reduce the use of off-farm inputs. We seek to build healthy soils, develop vibrant root systems, and optimize the value of macadamias to benefit the Kohala economy.

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Kahuku Farms

Out of a need to diversify and perpetuate the family business, Kylie Matsuda-Lum, sister Kalyn Matsuda and husband Judah Lum stepped up as the 4th generation to create the Farm Café at Kahuku Farms which is a true Farm to Table experience where we actually brought the tables to the farm. The team has championed the task of running and developing Kahuku Farms as a North Shore destination and a place of gathering for the community.  Its Farm Fresh Café, Wagon Rides and Educational Programs are a testament to fulfilling their legacy of farming and family for future generations.

Kalōpā Makai Farms

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Kalōpā Makai Farms is a 5 acre family farm and food forest, employing the latest in permaculture and sustainable growing techniques. We grow without chemical pesticides or herbicides. We  have  numerous fruit, nut, and ornamental trees as well as a variety of plants and herbs. We have several ponds on the property which serve as safe havens for our ducks and provide water for the property. We have expanded our production facilities with a drying house, coffee processing and roasting equipment,  an oil press, and of course our ever popular mushroom lab and grow room!   It is our goal to continue our work here with the ideal of living entirely off the land in the future.



Karen has been gardening and growing food all her life. She has always used organic practices and feels passionate to do so. Her practices started in Oregon and have followed her here to Hawi, where she has been growing an abundance of fruits and herbs for the past five years. As Ka Maluhia continues to thrive, we are excited to add their pomegranates, avocados, rosemary and many more offerings to come.



Kapanaia Farms is located right above Kapanaia Bay bordering the Walaohia stream. Our philosophical approach to the farm focuses around sustainability, responsible stewardship, and living a simple and healthy existence. In support of our philosophical approach to the farm, we look at production from a holistic perspective. For our livestock, we employ specific pasture management principles which improves overall soil conditions and optimizes livestock performance. For our orchards, we extend this healthy, holistic approach to the production of mangoes, avocados and dragon fruit, for which we do not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides. 



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As people who love to cook and eat..our focus is on growing varieties that have excellent flavor and unique tastes. We have a mixed orchard of lemons, limes, tangelos, mangoes, avocados, and tangerines. Our hoophouses are full of tomatoes, cukes, beans, and a variety of greens and herbs, all harvested early Wednesday morning. You can't get fresher in produce unless you grow it yourself. Thank you for eating locally grown produce and supporting local farmers.


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Year round, OVP is a thriving regenerative farm, outdoor campus, and model of engagement. We plant not only vegetables, but seeds of education, food sovereignty, and cultural resilience. Daily, healthy food is shared, space is lent for community enterprises, knowledge is spread through engagement, and innovative plantings are supporting a thriving ecosystem

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Hawaiian inspired mind expanding hot sauce blends infused with the fire of the Aloha spirit. A uniquely hand crafted taste of paradise born on the Big Island of Hawaii for wherever and however you may find yourself in the world.  Hawaiian grown with rainwater filtered by rainbows in soil forged of volcanoes and legend. Mind expanding and mood altering blends created to represent the very finest of the Hawaiian Islands and the infallible wisdom of the Aloha Spirit.



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Sweet Cane Cafe

Family owned and operated, Sweet Cane Cafe first opened in August of 2011 to provide Hawaii Island with a casual and accessible farm-to-table experience. Serving cane juice, cane juice based smoothies, elixirs, vegan and gluten free baked goods, sandwiches, salads, soups, and specialty dishes; items are made with as many local and organic ingredients as possible. All breads and sauces are made in house.  Sweet Cane Cafe also prepares local favorites such as kale chips, hot sauce, coconut yogurt, sauerkraut & dried tropical fruits.  Most ingredients are sourced from the cafe’s family farm or from its network of dedicated local farmers. Sweet Cane Cafe offers catering services in house and for delivery to you next special occasion.



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Touching the Earth Farm is a Regenerative Tropical Fruit Tree Farm, with a focus on building healthy soil and creating high end fertilizers made with local, repurposed materials. They specialize in tropical fruit such as Coconuts, Lychee, Longon, Sapodilla, Mamey Sapote, Jaboticaba, Starfruit, Avocado, Mountain Apple, and a variety of Citrus. 



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