Our Local Farmers and
Value Added Producers

Locally Grown, Locally Made, Locally Valued


HIP Ag Farm

HIP Ag is a nonprofit that grows farmers and specializes in Pacific root and starch crops, permaculture, and just great wholesome food and value added products.

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ʻAlani Farms

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Ahualoa Farms

Selling macadamia nuts from a family farm with orchards in historic Kapulena along the Hamakua Coast, not far from where the very first tree in Hawaii was planted in the 1880’s.

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Ahualoa Grown

We are a small family farm in Ahualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have market, Tea, and Spice Gardens at 2500ft in Ahualoa. Our produce and tea are grown using sustainable and organic methods. We source as many of inputs on farm and locally as possible, these include biochar and compost.


Algood Living LLC

Algood Living is an off-grid 33 acre farm homestead located in Hawi. We have an integrated solar and wind energy system that produces all of our electricity and all of our buildings were built with green building technologies. We grow coconuts, canoe plants, and trees, bananas, papaya, wild cherry tomatoes, figs, dragonfruit, neem, flowers, and herbs.

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Big Island Creamery

Austrian-born vegan food enthusiast and visionary sound creator Markus started experimenting with macadamia nuts back in 2015 after moving to Hawai’i. He worked on healthy, nutritious, and satisfying recipes for plant-based cream cheeses made from organic locally-grown ingredients. Due to being busy with his music career, he didn’t even think of starting a business and it took another two years before his loving partner Laura made this logical next step possible. The two love getting creative in the kitchen and designed an entire line of dairy alternatives.

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Dragon Heart Farm

Dragon Heart Farm is a Regenerative Tropical Fruit Tree Farm, with a focus on building healthy soil and creating high end fertilizers made with local, repurposed materials.

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Enduring Heart Farm

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Flying Dog Farms

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Hale Nalukea

All-natural Sharwil avocados, chili peppers, and citrus. Near the end of the road in North Kohala, Hawai'i Island.


Hāmākua Coast Premium LLC

Hāmākua Coast Premium was founded by a pair of Hawai`i bartenders inspired to make better cocktails by using local ingredients.

Brandon Ventura and Kalei Jury have been friends for 15 years and have been bartending at resorts on the Kohala Coast for almost as long. That’s a lot of Mai Tais under their belts. After years of serving vacationers drinks made with artificial syrups made as far away as Florida and Kuala Lumpur, they thought they could do better. Kalei explains that the concept is simple, “we have some of the best raw ingredients here in Hawai`i, why don’t we use them in making drinks.”

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Hawaii Royal Hemp

Hawaii Royal Hemp's CBD products have the only Kohala grown hemp CBD and include the healthy full spectrum of compounds found in hemp oil to support the entourage effect. For 41 years, they have been farming organically and regeneratively in Hawaii and were issued the first licenses to grow hemp by the State in May, 2108 and the US Departments of Agriculture in October, 2020. This family owned and operated farm hand-crafts all their value added products. Depending on the season, look for our produce on Food Hub website - it's nutritionally grown!


Hoʻōla Honey

Hoʻōla started with a vision of Hawaiʻi and a world where our keiki (children) and nalo meli (honey bees) have a safe, clean, and healthy environment necessary to thrive.

We relocated our first colony of honey bees from a water meter box near our home in 2016, and have since grown our Kohala apiary to 70+ hives rescued from across the island. Our bees are happy and busy pollinating local farms & gardens while we couldn't be more excited for the positive impact and connections we are creating within our community.


Huapala Farm

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Hulali Farms

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Inspired Land Farms

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Island Harvest

Island Harvest is a certified organic farm growing macadamia nuts on over 700 acres in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. The macadamias are sold wholesale in-shell to various processors on the Big Island, where they are roasted and made into delicious products sold worldwide. Island Harvest also uses a small portion of their crop to make value-added products.

We believe that farming should be done with a holistic approach that cares for the land, trees, workers, and community. We are committed to organic and sustainable farming methods that eliminate the use of potentially harmful chemicals and reduce the use of off-farm inputs. We seek to build healthy soils, develop vibrant root systems, and optimize the value of macadamias to benefit the Kohala economy.


Ka Māla Wai Aquaponics

Quality affordable produce for the people!


Kapua Gulch Farms

We provide fresh produce, honey, eggs, and other farm products to the North Kohala community and beyond. Our chickens, goats, sheep and cows are humanely raised on our 25-acre farm without growth hormones or antibiotics. Fruits and vegetables are grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Our farm is a labor of love, and we're happy to share our bounty with you!


Kohala Soap Company

The Kohala Soap Company ohana lives on a multi-generational family farm in Kapaau. We are builders by trade but are now waist deep in the wonderful world of Korean natural farming, fruit tree cultivation, shepherding, home schooling, and home soap making. We started making soap to fill our own needs and wants of a bar that could be used for multiple purposes but offered simple and clean ingredients. We loved it, and so did friends….and their friends…… and their friends’ friends! All that friendly love led to recipe experiments and more frequent batches, and a delicious smelling house. Before long, we were spending family fun night -wrapping bars in brown paper to share. So here we are. On new adventure. Maybe with you.


Kumakani Farm

A 6-acre community farm in Hawi, Hawai'i specializing in mangoes, dragon fruit and citrus.

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary.jpeg

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, a premier travel destination, offers residential wellness programs, vacation rentals, day programs (such as farm tours), and hosting of weddings and cultural events.

Lokahi Garden Sanctuary combines both our commitments of living in harmony (Lokahi) with the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit and creating opportunities to experience an intimate relationship with the Aina (Earth), yourself, your companions and the Hawaiian people and culture. Our organic farm, garden sanctuary, and elegant custom-built home were created in that same spirit of Lokahi (harmony and balance within and without). Whether you come for a relaxing vacation, an extended stay wellness retreat, farm tour and farm to table lunch, or to celebrate your wedding, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary is dedicated to providing you a memorable experience.


Lotus Cafe / Kailand

As people who love to cook and eat..our focus is on growing varieties that have excellent flavor and unique tastes. We have a mixed orchard of lemons, limes, tangelos, mangoes, avocados, and tangerines. Our hoophouses are full of tomatoes, cukes, beans, and a variety of greens and herbs, all harvested early Tuesday morning. You cant get fresher in produce unless you grow it yourself.
Thank you for eating locally grown produce and supporting local farmers.


Makena Farms

Our family is so stoked to provide a local source of protein to you and your family!
While searching for a natural remedy for Brad's asthma and allergies, our research lead us to the many nutritional and health benefits of quail eggs! Located in Hawi, we collect eggs daily with our young children; we also feed, water, and love our Quail brood together. We believe it's important to provide our keiki with the experience of responsibility and animal care (along the joy of watching fluffy chicks hatch).

Our intention is to practice Organic, Humane, Biodynamic, & Korean Natural Farming. We are proud to present our eggs in sustainable/compostable cartons. Thank you for being a part of a sustainable island food system with us!

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Motek LLC

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Naked Cow Dairy LLC

Naked Cow Dairy Hawai'i is a small scale local Dairy Farm. Female owned and operated in Hawi, we recently relocated to the Big Island from Oahu after 13 years of business. We can be found in many grocery stores around the islands, including Whole Foods, Safeway, and Foodland. We pride ourselves on including other local farms in our production process and believe this is one of the many ways to ensure food independence and sustainability for all of Hawai'i.

We believe in the humane treatment of our animals, no antibiotics or hormones, and knowing where your dairy products come from.

Oikos Farmstand.jpeg

Oikos LLC

Urban Farm outside Kapa`au with Farm Stand on makai side of Akoni Pule Highway just five miles from the end of the road. We are two retired people who are continually amazed at what can be grown on .7 acre. We practice Natural Regenerative Farming on former sugar cane land.

Spicy Ninja Hot Sauce Logo.jpg

Spicy Ninja Sauce

Hawaiian inspired mind expanding hot sauce blends infused with the fire of the Aloha spirit. A uniquely hand crafted taste of paradise born on the Big Island of Hawaii for wherever and however you may find yourself in the world.  Hawaiian grown with rainwater filtered by rainbows in soil forged of volcanoes and legend. Mind expanding and mood altering blends created to represent the very finest of the Hawaiian Islands and the infallible wisdom of the Aloha Spirit.

Sweet Cane Cafe Logo.png

Sweet Cane Cafe

Family owned and operated, Sweet Cane Cafe first opened in August of 2011 to provide Hawaii Island with a casual and accessible farm-to-table experience. Serving cane juice, cane slushies, cane juice based smoothies, elixirs, vegan and gluten free baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and soups; items are made with as many local and organic ingredients as possible. All breads and sauces are made in house.  

Sweet Cane Cafe also prepares local favorites such as kale chips, hot sauce, coconut yogurt, sauerkraut & dried tropical fruits.  Most ingredients are sourced from the cafe’s family farm or from its network of dedicated local farmers.

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Tinyville Farms

Founded on the idea that nature knows best, Tinyville Farm uses minimal cultivation, irrigation, and fertilization to grow its crops. This results in crops that want to be there and we think are #betterthanorganic